My creative imaginary is the tempting encounter within new and old, idea and form, rigor and creativity, East and West.

I work within representation and abstraction trying to find equilibrium within contrapositions. My works are mostly made of abstract landscapes: I believe that the delicate equilibrium that I’m trying to achieve would be strongly sidetracked by human presence. I try to develop a composite syntax, in which the unifying element is the formal experimentation of multiple languages.

I love the raw material and the manual skill: the imperfection in the repetition, the uniqueness of the gesture. In my works. I employ new and old (encaustic) techniques making use of the infinite opportunities that paper, photography, digital manipulation can offer to reach my formal idea. The final result is an infinite interest for many ways of doing art and an intercultural language built on many levels.

The fascination for the dynamic of shapes within the space, allows me to experiment with new prospective balances and optical illusions in which, the auto defined challenge to work with floating volumes, investigates the human ability to perceive and introject simple and complex elements within an artifice of semantic interaction. At the same time, the cold definite severity is broken by the quiet and assertive penetration of writhed chromatic elements that impose new ways of viewing. Is like a game of Chinese boxes, the eye penetrates and lightly touches newly born silhouettes that open to new worlds of perception.

In my art you can catch the reflex of the essence of the contemporary Japanese design in which the relationship within nature – human being – sacred – mundane is indissoluble. These are individual expression as well as collective meditation on the cultural history within past and present, sacred and profane horizons, occidental and oriental worlds.

My well-known passion for paper is found in multiple insertions of this material, sometimes with a naturalistic intent. Sometimes within geometric planes that almost touch and oppose each other: reality in an illusory chaos.

My works propose a study of ourselves outside the classical rules of natural perception: what would happen if we where be taken in another not defined place? Without certainties of form, space and time, what other certainties would we be left with?