Annunciation 2.0

This work was presented during 'Immaginare Leonardo’: Group exhibition introduced by prof. Philippe Daverio 

the last arisotelic
and the first engineer’ – Philippe Daverio. 2019

‘As a grown-up he still continued playing, which sometimes made him appear strange and incomprehensible to his contemporaries’ – Sigmund Freud, 1910

Faithfull to my path and the idea of playfulness I proceeded in my artistic journey that sees me ripping apart the surfaces and reunite them again in a single artwork.

Starting from the suggestions of what’s around me, I brake down and reassemble the elements keeping the suggestion of the original archetype. Prompting the viewer to perceive figures that are at the same time familiar and elusive.

Leonardo’s known elements are taken from their time and place and taken to the here and now. A permanent revolution, a constant game of mutation, in which the known isn’t anymore known: it has become other, new, elusive, sometimes even disturbing.

Unique, Vibrant, Elegant, Moving Artwork

My roots are steadily planted both in the classical Italian art and in the more free and unchained US approach. 

My mother and grandparents where from Los Angeles and my work is a continuous integration within the historic and visual richness of Roman views and the Californian wideopen landscape and glaring light.

I like to do and show the physical work, the imperfection in the repetition, the uniqueness of the gesture. This is why I mostly use freehand techniques.

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