Artist Statement

My creative imaginary is the tempting encounter within new and old, idea and form, rigor and creativity, East and West.

I work within representation and abstraction trying to find equilibrium within contrapositions. I pursue an intimate path following the suggestions of what’s around me, conscious of the subtle veil that divides representation and abstraction; I brake down and reassemble elements keeping the suggestion of the original archetype. This process induces you to perceive figures that are at the same time familiar and elusive.

A creative choice that allows me to deepen the exploration of subtle emotions, not yelled, that overlap layer after layer in my works to create a complex emotional syntax.

I love the raw material and the manual skill: the imperfection in the repetition, the uniqueness of the gesture. In my works. I employ new (resin) and old (encaustic) techniques making use of the infinite opportunities that paper, photography, digital manipulation can offer to reach my formal idea. The final result is an infinite interest for many ways of doing art and an intercultural language built on many levels.

“Overlapping and organized cells with a complex epidermis, disclose to the artist in all oftheir articulate and extraordinary geometry.
Each deepest inside is in the eyes, then in the paint, of Rosemary Salkin Sbiroli.” 

Romina Guidelli, Art Critic

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