Here some pics and videos from where my works have been exhibited


This solo show took place at Giostra at the ex military barracks in Via Guido Reni 7, Rome, Italy

curated by
Tiziano Todi

Writes ofRosemary Salkin Sbiroli the critic Romina Guidelli:
The workof Rosemary Salkin Sbiroli recalls the Clinamen theory described byLucrezio in the ‘De rerum natura’, which is the ability that the primalbodies have to deviate from ordinary trajectories to follow new paths.An event that supports an innate but variable oscillation: the miracle of apermanent revolution. This constant moment of genesis generates infinite ‘othernature’, abstract if compared to the known data, but that doesn’t looseperfection in her mutation.  Is new creation that participates to theinfinite variables of endless forces, choosing Liberty as themain power.

Artistic direction @Galleria_Vittoria

Surfaces Exhibit

This solo show took place at the Galleria Vittoria in Via Margutta 103, Rome, Italy

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